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The sad truth is that most new crypto projects based on Ethereum get destroyed quickly because of the actions of too many people with short-term mindsets, who are known as “pajeets” (short: jeets) in crypto. They are coming mainly from the Telegram crypto space or from not-so-great corners of Twitter.

Proudly self-proclaimed degenerates or gamblers incapable of thinking and doing anything long-term, with many shady characters between them.

I want to keep our family members safe from those participants in the crypto space and have a healthy path toward the top.

That’s one of the reasons, the most important one, why there has been an Anti-Payeet-System (APS) created.

It helps us to keep those individuals away from Chungalunga, and even if some buy coins for cheap, they cannot “dump” them instantly and cause a significant price drop, so the project stays healthy.

Another benefit is that CL’s price can rise faster than what’s the case with other DeFi projects which in return will get many more eyes on us much faster, and then more serious family members.


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We defy all logical barriers and limiting beliefs and we always find ways to grow each day in every way.

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*Be sure to read and understand both the whitepaper and “Marketing Magic” before you you decide on joining our community. You need to own a small amount of CL tokens before joining our Discord (that number changes as the price of CL coins changes, and you’ll find the exact number in our Discord).