How to buy Chungalunga coins (for ETH users)

Quick Tutorial

In essence – you’ll need to bridge ETH to PulseChain and get PLS (that’s a token for the PulseChain blockchain; same thing as ETH on Ethereum).

The process below describes the way where you don’t need to get PLS tokens in advance to pay for transactions. You’ll get native PLS right away by following these steps.

TIP1 : I suggest creating new, clean wallets to purchase CL with. Stay safe, and avoid CBDC as much as possible.

TIP 2: Use services like or Tornado Cash to hide your tracks as much as possible when you move your ETH. Governments don’t like movements like ours, and you should do whatever is at your disposal to hide as much info as possible from all entities we’re going against.

If you have read Chungalunga coin’s Marketing Magic document, you know that one of the best ways we will spread the word about our revolution is to give away some free coins to people on social media, or anywhere for that matter.
Hence, buy a bit more coins for yourself since they’re still extremely cheap, and send them to all the people you want to invite to our movement. Chungalunga coins are ridiculously cheap at the moment, and sending coins on PulseChain is the cheapest compared to all other blockchains, so utilize this because, in the long run, it goes to your advantage. Even $1-$2 in CL can go a long way.

Start here:

You can use MetaMask wallet or alternatives like Rabby wallet or Internet Money wallet (*native for PulseChain).

For this tutorial I’m using MetaMask.

First things first – add PulseChain blockchain to your MetaMask by following simple steps on their website:

AppStore by Apple
Play by Google


Get yourself some ETH first. If this is your first time in crypto, follow the tutorial below to get your hands on ETH (Ethereum).

1. Go to

2. Send ETH to ENS “”

3. Recieve PLS in about half an hour from them

4. Jump to step 4. below, in the standard tutorial, to learn how to purchase Chungalunga coins.

NOTE: You should NOT send ETH from centralized exchange to! Send it from your wallet (for example, MetaMask).

That’s it.

Simple as that.

They will take around a 5-6% fee, and you’ll only pay for send transactions, which is the cheapest one on the Ethereum blockchain nowadays. Because of high ETH fees in the bull market, this option will be an affordable one for most people.

This way of getting PLS is suitable for smaller transactions, and for bigger ones, use the bridge (regular method below).

Of course, always exercise caution and test this way of getting PLS with some test transactions.


Get yourself some ETH first.

1. In MetaMask click on the button “Browser(it’s the fourth button from the left in the bottom menu).

You need to go to the “Uniswap Exchange” (copy/paste this link):

2. Connect your wallet.

Simply tap on “Connect wallet“, choose “WalletConnect“, choose MetaMask and approve the connection.

3. After connecting your wallet to the Uniswap, you’ll see a “Swap” form.

In the first row, there is visible ETH and your balance.

In the second row, you should enter the address of the Wrapped Pulse smart contract.

This is the address (or find it yourself on – just go to PulseX app, find WPLS from the dropdown list and copy its CA):


Copy that smart contract address, click “Select token,” and paste the address into the search field.

Approve your swap and you’ll receive WPLS.

3. Once you have the WPLS on Ethereum go to the PulseChain bridge and send it through.

NOTE: PulseX has its own bridge, and the way to use it is to download it to your computer and run it OR you can access it via links on their website, which you can find under IPFS section (this is easier option). Please see their website for more information:

Or you can use an alternative bridge like I’m showing in this example (fees are higher, but it’s good option for new users. Regular ETH users – stick with official bridge).

This is the link alternative bridge:

The function of this bridge is to exchange your ETH for PLS, which you will use to buy Chungalunga coin. Or in this case, your WPLS to PLS.


1. Connect your wallet

2. Enter the number of WPLS you want to bridge to PLS (usually all WPLS you have got in the previous step)

3. Press button below and bridge your WPLS to PLS.

Native PLS is what you use to swap for the Chungalunga coin in the last step.

4. It’s time to get some Chungalunga coins (CL).

NOTE: PulseX is fully decentralized tool; the recommended way to use it is to download it to your computer and run it. Please see their website and download it from here: (or use it on the web by following the links in the IPFS section).

It’s extremely simple to use it, and you can see that in this short video:

For the experienced users, I’m recommending to use DEX aggregator Piteas. In more cases than not you’ll get more PLS for your ETH.

In MetaMask visit “Browser” tab again and go to:

Connect your wallet.

In the lower column click the name of the token that it shows you, and paste Chungalunga coin’s contract address:

CHUNGALUNGA CA on PulseChain: 0x2f25E382320213991B681586c3472Abb3Feb06fC

(screenshots are from PulseX, but it’s almost the same thing at other DEX’s like Piteas)

Now, simply put the amount of PLS you want to swap for CL.

Or write the specific number of CL tokens you want to purchase (and the amount of PLS will be recalculated automatically).

Click “Swap” and confirm your transaction.

That’s it. You are now a Chungalunga holder!


INFO: PulseX is the official decentralized exchange for PulseChain. There are alternatives from other people, and it’s up to decide which one you’ll use. At this moment I recommend using PulseX or Piteas since it’s super simple to use it.

Still confused?
Watch this video below on how to use MetaMask to purchase PLS or/and read another tutorial for new crypto users.

After you have set up everything from the video tutorial, come here and follow Step 4. from the above to purchase Chungalunga coins (CL).



Chart is here.

Contract Address:

PULSE CA: 0x2f25E382320213991B681586c3472Abb3Feb06fC

Blockchain Explorer

Chungalunga coin is traded only on decentralized exchanges, such as PulseX.

Since proper cryptocurrencies, like Chungalunga, are all about decentralization and moving away from the concept of centralized (government) control, we are in line with the roots of why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place.

Not your keys, not your coins.

This way, thanks to proper decentralization, all control is in your hands, and nothing, such as the recent FTX collapse or anything similar, can make you lose your own coins.

If you are new to crypto, please learn more about it before exchanging your fiat (money) for crypto.

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