Download MetaMask

MetaMask is the most popular crypto wallet nowadays.

If you want, you can install any other like (*native to PulseChain), or any other, but this tutorial is for MetaMask.

Steps for creating a new wallet:

2. Open MetaMask and create a new wallet.

2.1. Since you are opening MetaMask for the first time, it will offer you to create a new wallet right away.

Follow those steps and you’ll create your new wallet in a few seconds.

3. Application will generate a secret seedphrase. Write that phrase on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe (it’s called Secret Recovery Phrase in MetaMask).

This is the phrase you can use to access that wallet, no matter if you lose your phone or want to access it from some other place/device.

NOTE: DO NOT share that key phrase with anyone, especially with those who ask you for it. Consider that as your password. When someone has it, that means they can easily take everything you have in your wallet. You can freely share your wallet address when someone needs to send you crypto.

Now you have your crypto wallet ready.

4. Visit and follow a simple step to add PulseChain to your MetaMask wallet.

If you are on your phone, simply tap the browser button below in your MetaMask and visit that link. Then, do the necessary step as written on their website.

Check the image below to see where is your wallet address.

Click it, and it will be automatically copied.

You can give this address to anyone when you expect to receive crypto.



Chart is here.

Contract Address:

PULSE CA: 0x2f25E382320213991B681586c3472Abb3Feb06fC

Blockchain Explorer

Chungalunga coin is traded only on decentralized exchanges, such as PulseX.

Since proper cryptocurrencies, like Chungalunga, are all about decentralization and moving away from the concept of centralized (government) control, we are in line with the roots of why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place.

Not your keys, not your coins.

This way, thanks to proper decentralization, all control is in your hands, and nothing, such as the recent FTX collapse or anything similar, can make you lose your own coins.

If you are new to crypto, please learn more about it before exchanging your fiat (money) for crypto.

Family That Grows Together

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We are on Discord.

That’s the only place for now where Chungalunga’s family hangs out, share ideas, and collaborates with a goal to make CL one of the best-known cryptocurrencies in the world.

We defy all logical barriers and limiting beliefs and we always find ways to grow each day in every way.

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*Be sure to read and understand both the whitepaper and “Marketing Magic” before you you decide on joining our community. You need to own a small amount of CL tokens before joining our Discord (that number changes as the price of CL coins changes, and you’ll find the exact number in our Discord).