Focused on getting CL adopted worldwide

At this point in time, the adoption of cryptocurrency is the most important thing generally, especially where many of us want to escape the system (CBDC + other nasty things) so called “elites” are putting upon us.

Bitcoin, and all similar projects have failed in that, although they have existed for quite a long time.

Aim here is to grow the biggest and healthiest crypto family, then, with the power we’ll have, get as many developers and smaller companies to create solutions where Chungalunga will be accepted.
With that focused goal we will achieve higher success than most people can dream of.

To additionally help CL become one of the most used cryptocurrencies,
some of our supporters will dedicate their time to building a Shopify-like e-commerce platform, after we get enough traction and a big enough community of supporters.

This platform will allow anyone to open their webshop quickly, easily, and for free.

Most people in the world still don’t have access to online payment gateways – especially young people below 18.

And yet, a lot of them are entrepreneurial, and they should have a way to make money as soon as they want.

Question: Why wouldn’t you use your exposure on TikTok or any other platform and sell goods or services without any limits that financial institutions put on the whole process, for example?

With e-com platform like that, where only CL will be accepted, you will be able to open a webshop in under one hour and immediately start accepting payments.
No matter where you live in the world.

And our crypto family will not stop on that – our focus will be, when we get significant traction and enough supporters, to get as many developers as possible to work on different solutions/platforms where CL will be accepted as a primary currency, besides getting it on already existing platforms.

Decentralized crypto is the future.

Read more in the whitepaper

Family That Grows Together

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We are on Discord.

That’s the only place for now where Chungalunga’s family hangs out, share ideas, and collaborates with a goal to make CL one of the best-known cryptocurrencies in the world.

We defy all logical barriers and limiting beliefs and we always find ways to grow each day in every way.

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*Be sure to read and understand both the whitepaper and “Marketing Magic” before you you decide on joining our community. You need to own a small amount of CL tokens before joining our Discord (that number changes as the price of CL coins changes, and you’ll find the exact number in our Discord).