How to buy Chungalunga coins

Quick Tutorial

This tutorial is mainly for buying coins on mobile devices. You can do the same on desktop computers.

Although this is a simple and straightforward process, it could be overwhelming if you do it for the first time.

Take it easy, and you will be done with it quickly and learn one new process that you will be using a lot in the upcoming years, whether you are interested in crypto investing and crypto payments or not (because crypto is getting fully into the mainstream and rarely anyone will be available to avoid it)).

TIP 1: I suggest creating new, clean wallets to purchase CL with. Stay safe, and avoid CBDC as much as possible.

TIP 2: Use services like or Tornado Cash to hide your tracks as much as possible when you send/swap your crypto. People in power don’t like movements like ours and you should do whatever is at your disposal to hide as much as possible info from the centralized exchanges, governments, and all other entities we’re going against.

If you have issues after you go through every step (do it multiple times if needed) please use this Discord server below to ask for help.

*you need to have a Discord app and be registered as a user first

Support on Discord for purchasing CL



I suggest that you watch this tutorial first carefully. It’s not made by me – it’s made by one of the PulseChain supporters.

This tutorial shows how to buy PulseChain (PLS) only. That’s the token you need to have to swap it for Chungalunga coins.

After watching this video, you can follow the steps below, especially from step 10, where I show how to buy a Chungalunga coin (you’ll swap PulseChain (PLS) for Chungalunga coins (CL)).

NOTE: You don’t need to watch the whole video. Essential things are up to minute 13:20.

Additional note:

Give Coins Away

If you have read our Marketing Magic document, you know that one of the best ways we will spread the word about our revolution is to give away some free coins to people on social media, or anywhere for that matter.

Chungalunga coins are ridiculously cheap at the moment and to send coins on PulseChain is the cheapest compared to most of other blockchains, so utilize this because, in the long run, it goes to your advantage. Even $1-$2 in CL given for free can go a long way for our/your success.

Support on Discord for purchasing CL

Start here:

1. Download and install MetaMask wallet for your device

AppStore by Apple
Play by Google

Already have some crypto?

If you already have some crypto and know how to send and receive crypto to your wallet, feel free to scroll down to step 6.


0. Get yourself some ETH first to your MetaMask wallet. If this is your first time in crypto, follow the tutorial below to get your hands on ETH (Ethereum), or watch the video above up to the moment where he explains how to purchase ETH.

1. Go to

2. Send ETH to ENS “” (from your MetaMask wallet)

3. Recieve PLS in about half an hour from them.

4. Jump to step 10. below, in the standard tutorial, to learn how to purchase Chungalunga coins.

NOTE: You should NOT send ETH from centralized exchange to! Send it from your wallet (for example, MetaMask).

That’s it.

Simple as that.

They will take around a 5-6% fee, and you’ll only pay for send transactions, which is the cheapest one on the Ethereum blockchain nowadays. Because of high ETH fees in the bull market, this option will be an affordable one for most people.

This way of getting PLS is suitable for smaller transactions, and for bigger ones, use the bridge (regular method below).

Of course, always exercise caution and test this way of getting PLS with some test transactions.


2. Open MetaMask and create a new wallet.

2.1. Since you are opening MetaMask for the first time, it will offer you to create a new wallet right away.

Follow those steps and you’ll create your new wallet in a few seconds.

3. Application will generate a secret seedphrase. Write that phrase on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe (it’s called Secret Recovery Phrase in MetaMask).

This is the phrase you can use to access that wallet, no matter if you lose your phone or want to access it from some other place/device.

NOTE: DO NOT share that key phrase with anyone, especially with those who ask you for it. Consider that as your password. When someone has it, that means they can easily take everything you have in your wallet. You can freely share your wallet address when someone needs to send you crypto.

If you will have any troubles with that, follow this tutorial on how to create a new wallet:

IMPORTANT: Add PulseChain blockchain to your MetaMask wallet when you create it, by following the steps on their website:

Now you have your crypto wallet ready.

Since the Chungalunga coin is built on the PulseChain blockchain, that means

1. you will need PLS to purchase CL,

2. but before that, you need to purchase Ethereum (ETH),

3. which you will exchange for PLS later on

4. and finally, you will swap (exchange) PLS for the Chungalunga coin (CL).

Don’t worry – it’s really easy process!



This is the easiest and fastest way if you’re new to crypto. Buy ETH directly in your MetaMask wallet with your card or via bank transfer by clicking on the “Buy ETH” Button.

Follow the steps in the app, and you will get your ETH quickly.

The downside is that you’ll pay a bit higher fees, and the upside is that you will get your first ETH fast and in the easiest way possible.

Note: this is probably not available to everyone all around the world. See on the MetaMask website what countries they are allowed to use this option.


Buy it on one of the big centralized exchanges like Binance, OKx, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bybit, Kraken, or any other.

You need to be over 18 to open an account there, and often verify it by uploading your ID and sometimes even your selfie where you hold your ID. That’s standard procedure nowadays everywhere and it’s called KYC (Know Your Customer).

Please find detailed tutorials on YouTube on how to open an account on centralized exchanges and deposit fiat (USD, EUR, or any other currency).

This is usually the best option, but it takes a bit longer than option one.

When you have an account on CEX (centralized exchange) and when you have deposited fiat, it’s easy to purchase ETH.

Simply find the “Markets” button/tab or something similar to that on your centralized exchange and look for pairs like USD/ETH or EUR/ETH, depending on what currency you have deposited.

Again, the best thing, if you are completely new to this process, is to watch some tutorials on YouTube. One example is below:


Simply ask your friends who are already in crypto to sell you ETH, or/and ask them to help you with the process of opening an account with one of the centralized crypto exchanges.


Let’s go back to MetaMask.

(NOTE: if you have used OPTION 1 to buy ETH directly in MetaMask jump to step 6)

At this point, you need to send ETH from the centralized exchange to your wallet which is in your MetaMask app.

4. Open MetaMask.

On the first screen tap on “Ethereum”.

Then click button “Receive”, which is under the chart.

At that point you see a QR code and below it is your wallet address.

Copy your address.

5. Now you need to send ETH to that wallet.

If you are sending ETH from a centralized exchange like Binance simply follow the tutorial below and you are quickly done:


Now you have ETH in your MetaMask wallet.

6. In MetaMask click on the button “Browser” (it’s the fourth button from the left in the bottom menu).

You need to go to the “Uniswap Exchange” (copy/paste this link):

7. You need to connect your wallet.

Simply tap on “Connect wallet“, choose “WalletConnect“, choose MetaMask and approve the connection.

8. After connecting your wallet to the Uniswap, you’ll see a “Swap” form.

In the first row, there is visible ETH and your balance.

In the second row, you should enter the address of the Wrapped Pulse smart contract.

This is the address:


Copy that smart contract address, click “Select token,” and paste the address into the search field.

Approve your swap and you’ll receive WPLS.

9. Once you have the WPLS on Ethereum go to the PulseChain bridge and send it through.

NOTE: PulseX has its own bridge, and the way to use it is to download it to your computer and run it or you can access it via links on their website, which you can find under IPFS section. Please see their website and download it from here:

Or you can use an alternative bridge like I’m showing in this example (fees are higher, but it’s good option for new users. Regular ETH users – stick with official bridge).

This is the link alternative bridge:

The function of this bridge is to exchange your ETH for PLS, which you will use to buy Chungalunga coin. Or in this case, your WPLS to PLS.


1. Connect your wallet

2. Enter the number of WPLS you want to bridge to PLS (usually all WPLS you have got in the previous step)

3. Press button below and bridge your WPLS to PLS.

Native PLS is what you use to swap for the Chungalunga coin.

10. It’s time to get some Chungalunga coins (CL).

NOTE: PulseX is an official DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for PulseChain; it’s recommended one by PulseChain creators: (or use it on the web by following the links in the IPFS section or download it to your computer).

But, I’m recommending to use DEX aggregator Piteas. In more cases than not you’ll get more PLS for your ETH, and it’s easier for first time users.

In MetaMask visit “Browser” tab again and go to:

Connect your wallet.

In the lower column click the name of the token that it shows you, and paste Chungalunga coin’s contract address:

CHUNGALUNGA CA: 0x2f25E382320213991B681586c3472Abb3Feb06fC

(screenshots are from PulseX, but every DEX looks similar)

Now, simply put the amount of PLS you want to swap for CL.

Or write the specific number of CL tokens you want to purchase (and the amount of PLS will be recalculated automatically).

Click “Swap” and confirm your transaction.

That’s it. You are now a Chungalunga holder!


INFO: PulseX is the the official decentralized exchange for PulseChain. There are alternatives like Piteas or GoPulse, and it’s up to decide which one you’ll use.

If you still have any questions regarding purchasing CL, don’t forget that you can contact some of our supporters in dedicated Discord:

Support on Discord for purchasing CL



Chart is here.

Contract Address:

PULSE CA: 0x2f25E382320213991B681586c3472Abb3Feb06fC

Blockchain Explorer

Chungalunga coin is traded only on decentralized exchanges, such as PulseX.

Since proper cryptocurrencies, like Chungalunga, are all about decentralization and moving away from the concept of centralized (government) control, we are in line with the roots of why cryptocurrency was invented in the first place.

Not your keys, not your coins.

This way, thanks to proper decentralization, all control is in your hands, and nothing, such as the recent FTX collapse or anything similar, can make you lose your own coins.

If you are new to crypto, please learn more about it before exchanging your fiat (money) for crypto.

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