Letter from Skool

Growing as a family with the power of #manifestation

Have you got your hands on Bitcoin in 2009-2012?

If not, read carefully from here.

The biggest cryptocurrencies (and other crypto projects) haven’t been brought to the mainstream by just one person, although one person created them.

Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009. He left it to the people who understood what he had created. The community took over, and now it’s a currency with the highest market cap.

Dogecoin, the most famous meme coin, was launched in December 2013. by Billy Markus. He created it, and the community took over and promoted it. Now, it’s one of the Top 10 projects on CMC, with a market cap of $10+ billion (it was even at $85 billion).

Those who bought as first ones, and held, their first Bitcoins, Dogecoins, or any other project with a high market cap, and helped to spread the word about it, are now set for life and will always be crypto legends.

Although I have created Chungalunga coin (aka started a small fire; read the whitepaper to understand), I’m fully aware that I can’t on my own bring it to millions of people and make it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

Only a tight and focused community can do it.
I prefer to call it – (crypto) family.

My vision is to form the biggest and healthiest crypto family ever.
The one which will bring Chungalunga (CL) as fast as possible to the mainstream. The one where first buyers and supporters will change the future by moving from centralized (and corrupted) institutions and governments while securing their financial situation for good.

Back in 2009-2015. we haven’t had TikTok. And other social networks didn’t have as many users as they have today.
Social networks are our way, the fastest way to spread the word about our family, about Chungalunga, and grow to millions of supporters and holders.

To add more fuel to this fire I have started, several of us, early supporters, will give amazing rewards to ones who will be heroes in this journey and help bring CL to the mainstream.

But don’t be focused just on the rewards. The mission is to bring cryptocurrency back to its original idea so that billions of people use it for payments. We’re here for the greater good of everyone involved. And our first members will be able to say:

I was there from the start when we took Chungalunga to one of the 20 projects with the highest market cap“.

Because of that, my focus at this point is to gather around first believers, first action-takers, and first heroes who will put additional fuel to this still-small fire and make it one of the most wonderful crypto journeys ever.

And… We can’t fail.
Failure does not exist. Literally.
We can only give up. And no one wise gives up on an exceptional and groundbreaking mission.

Especially when we as a family use the power of manifestation to easily and effortlessly achieve our goal(s).
The Law of Attraction is on our side (more on the first page of the website).

Fam, we got this!

Let’s add much more fuel to this fire,

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Family That Grows Together

Be Part of Our Uplifting Community

We are on Discord.

That’s the only place for now where Chungalunga’s family hangs out, share ideas, and collaborates with a goal to make CL one of the best-known cryptocurrencies in the world.

We defy all logical barriers and limiting beliefs and we always find ways to grow each day in every way.

Become part of the family

*Be sure to read and understand both the whitepaper and “Marketing Magic” before you you decide on joining our community. You need to own a small amount of CL tokens before joining our Discord (that number changes as the price of CL coins changes, and you’ll find the exact number in our Discord).